Grill & Chill BBQ Set (4-6人)


【Grill & Chill BBQ Ready Pack】

Flavours launched a brand new BBQ set, including both marinated raw foods and precooked items. Every item is individually packed in a vacuum bag. Our set gives you a hassle-free grilling experience and brings your BBQ Party to the next level.

【Shipping Method】

Self Pickup

Delivery (Free Shipping for order of $1500 or above )

The set includes:

【Marinated Raw Items】
Curry Baby Squid1 LB
Honey Chicken Wing12 Pcs
Lemongrass Pork Pluma1 LB
Garlic Chicken Steak1 LB
Chicken Sausage1 Pack
Cuttlefish Ball/ Fish Ball/ Beef Ball1 LB
Buttered Mix Mushroom2 LB
【Precooked Items】 (Reheat Needed)
Slow-cooked Lamb Shank with Carrot and Potato2 Units
Slow-cooked US Rib Eye with Herb and Garlic2 LB

1️⃣ Picture 1 is only for reference. Please refer to the description box for details.
2️⃣ Pickup Location: Unit 101 - 104, Shing Chuen Industrial Building, 25-27 Shing Wan Road, Tai Wai, N.T.
3️⃣ Pickup Hours:11:00 - 17:00
4️⃣ Please show your order confirmation email and phone number for self pickup.
5️⃣ The default meetup point would be the parking garage of the designated delivery address.


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